"Trade with System" or with system to success

My name is Fabien Fischer and I am a systematic trader from Luxembourg. I trade futures on intraday basis, mostly commodities and indices. I had the idea for this site around 2016. I wanted to show that it is quite possible to cut yourself a piece of the pie and trade consistently profitably. With simple methods and profitable systems you can survive very well in the big stock exchange jungle and make good profits.


I started trading futures around 2014. I had been trading for many years before that, but from then on I intensified trading and started to systematically educate myself and develop further. The reason was also very simple: I was dissatisfied with my job and wanted to do something else. Since I still had a well-paying contract for 5 years, I saw the next 5 years as training years in my future new job. The goal was formulated relatively simply: be a professional trader in 5 years. I put every free minute into trading. This meant almost no free time but I really enjoyed doing it.


In 2018 I managed a great 3rd place at the Futures World Championship with a performance of 62.5%. At the end of the year I was briefly ranked 2nd and 3rd with my 2 accounts! In the end it was enough for 3rd place. My 2nd account was slightly behind 5th place.


I give an insight into my little trading world and hope to be able to help a little further. I'm honest about everything. You will not find false promises and information here. I don't hide any losses either, because they are part of trading. I report what it really looks like behind the scenes of a trader.


In this business, unfortunately, there is a lot of lying, blinding, promising, cheating and taking people for fools. I have seen this very often. Dream returns are promised with some super systems. One thing has to be clear: don't believe every crap that is given to you! Many systems look profitable on paper, but the ruin is there faster than the new money in the account. Be skeptical and question everything! That's why I decided to take part in the World Cup Trading Championships, an official competition to show what's possible and how my systems perform. Click here for my documentation at the World Cup...

How to approach trading? What is possible and how much money can you earn? How can you be successful? What is rip-off and what is not? How can I become a trader? What do I need to become a trader?


What does "Trade with system" mean? If you want to speculate on the stock market, you should not act without a well-developed plan. So get down to business with a system! Without a system, chaos reigns! There are certainly different methods that can lead to the goal. I work with self-programmed and very profitable trading systems. Only when I see a statistical advantage is there action!


Have fun browsing this website!


Warm greetings,


Fabien Fischer