I have been offering individual coaching since the end of 2019 and have constantly improved and expanded the offer. Lately I've been working on a comprehensive system trading video series and of course I've incorporated all my experiences and perspectives here. It took some time because the content was constantly increasing and I kept adding more ideas. 


The basis is the video series with over 1200 minutes of video material. Here I present a very interesting approach with which you can build and trade your first strategies (in ES, HE, ZM, ZS, YM, NQ). The series covers everything so you have a very good base and can get started. But my offer does not end here. I know only too well how difficult it is to find ideas and strategies. That's why I offer several strategy packages so that the basic course can be supplemented with different strategies and approaches. In this way you can cover many different markets with different approaches (breakouts, seasonalities) and have a very differentiated portfolio together.


Of course, I also trade these approaches and strategies myself. I would not present a strategy here that I would have any concerns about!