I have been offering individual coaching since the end of 2019 and have always improved and expanded my offer. I always adapt my offer to the needs of my customers. Lately I've started to gather and absorb my ideas, perspectives, approaches, strategies. The result was umpteen short videos on the subject of system trading. It took a long time because the content was constantly increasing (now more than 1200 minutes of material) and I kept adding more ideas. I am totally satisfied now as the videos cover everything one needs to know to successfully trade "systematically".


Are you interested in system trading and want to learn it? Or you are already a system trader and would like new ideas, approaches, strategies... Or even just a few tips or information on special topics (e.g. risk and money management)... THEN YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT HERE!!!


What do I offer?


- individual system trading coaching

- individual sessions on various topics (RMM, analysis of your own trading, strategies, portfolio management and much more)

- Portfolio expansion through various bundles (breakouts, seasonals, trend following, counter trend and much more)

- Insight into my portfolio


Just get in touch and send me an email. I offer everyone a no-obligation chat. Just chat and exchange ideas. Then you can ask me anything and we can see if we can do something together.