Stats, stats and more stats!

My first steps in intraday trading were not as successful as I had hoped! I read a great many books on technical analysis, market techniques and stock market trading. But after many months I wasn't profitable! I might have a better understanding of how stock market trading works in general, but I was still a long way from "being profitable". 


The greatest insight from this trading was that I no longer want to spend hours in front of the PC pursuing something that might not work after all. Who can guarantee that this approach is actually profitable. No one! Because you just can't check it! Every situation is perceived differently by different traders. There may well be people who can work successfully with this method. This "discretionary" trading was not my thing and definitely never will be! 


My trading method is actually very banal and nothing new. I try to get the statistical advantage on my side in my trading. Only when I have this advantage do I enter a trade. So statistics are always part of my trading, both intraday and swing trading. 


Of course, the art is to put together the right systems that promise me the decisive advantage. Of course, most of the time and work goes into development. The so-called backtesting is of course part of this approach and provides us with the information we need to be profitable. Of course, a positive backtest does not necessarily mean that you will continue to make money in the future. A backtest tests the past and no one can guarantee that it will continue like this. But if you pay attention to certain points, you will find the right strategies. This is also a topic that I will address here: backtest vs. real trading.









Select your trades and bring the statistical advantage to your side!