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Searching for the "Holy Grail"


The stock market had me under its spell very early on. My first steps as a trader were pretty wild. I honestly had no idea about the stock market at all. I tried out a few market letters and followed the instructions in my market letter or recommendations from some newspaper. Of course, this went well until the boom continued. The New Economy was something fascinating! 100%, 1000%! Everything was possible! Of course, the house of cards had to collapse at some point. And of course I'm right in the middle! The minus was considerable and so at some point I withdrew my money from the capital market. I was fed up with the stock market and needed a break. 


I didn't want to just let this disgrace sit on me and started to read up on the matter. From then on I wanted to be my own boss and no longer dependent on others. In the beginning I was still focused on stocks, but relatively quickly I got into day trading. I devoured numerous books on this topic and over time I had to realize that the practice looks very different. I didn't really get anywhere. 


Then, by chance, I came across a successful trader who introduced others to trading. I had my doubts at first because the training cost a lot of money. But curiosity was too great and of course prevailed. I decided that this should be the last try. But I wasn't disappointed. I got exactly what I was looking for: a way! A path that shows what you have to do to be successful! Without this training I would not be where I am now! Again, I wanted to be independent and form my own opinion. Because that's the only way you can move forward.


As I've discovered, there really isn't a "Holy Grail," the ultimate solution. In any case, I haven't found it yet! There are different methods/solutions/trading styles to work successfully, but one thing is certain. If you want to trade profitably, you have to work hard every day. According to the motto: Nothing comes from nothing! 


All of this was a few years ago and I can now proudly say that I found my way. This was of course rocky but that's the way it is. I never gave up and put an incredible amount of time into my education and training. Because only hard work leads to the goal. Even now, I'm still learning every day.