Trade Navigator

I've been using Genesis' Trade Navigator for years. A good platform is essential for trading. There are a variety of trading platforms. I have tested many and also read a number of testimonials. In the end I decided on the TN and bought the platinum version. Here is my experience with the TN.


I've kept coming across new things over the years so I'll keep updating.


Ease of use (5/5 stars)


Ease of use of the platform was one of the strongest reasons for the TN. I've tested a few platforms but none were as easy as this one. The programming language "TradeSense" is very easy to understand and you can develop strategies and ideas in minutes. Of course it takes some time to understand how the language works, but you don't need to be a programmer to develop strategies. If I can do it, then probably everyone can! So far I have been able to turn all my ideas into strategies.


Features (3.5/5 stars)


Like all trading platforms, TN has a lot of features, indicators and studies. Much is of course standard and some you will probably never need. Therefore, I will only limit myself to those that are interesting to me and that I use regularly.


The chart functions are first-class and meet my requirements perfectly. Never missed anything here.


The trading functions are good. For example, you can enter an order and immediately set a target and stop loss.


The charts and histories are of course top notch. The important COT data are also integrated.


The alert feature is a must, especially when trading automated. You get an email when the connection is broken, a trade takes place or even when the price has exceeded or fallen below a certain mark.


Everything you need for backtests and strategies is available.


You can connect the TN to many different brokers. This works very well. I have 3 brokers connected to the TN. You just have to be careful that they are different connections. The 3 brokers are connected to CQG, open e-cry and Interactive Brokers (stand alone connection) to the TN. I even connected 2 accounts from the same broker to the TN using CQG.


What is not possible: Connect 2 Interactive Brokers accounts to the TN. Or 2 CQG accounts from 2 different brokers.


The software is getting old and they don't make any effort to modernize it and bring it to a new level! But it does exactly what it should and has everything I need as systematic trader. 


Support (1/5 stars)


The support is in need of improvement. From 2 p.m. you have live support if you need help. If you have a problem beforehand, then you have to be patient and wait for the guys:-(. The support in then only in English. I've had plenty of contact with the guys and I have to say that it's always a grab bag: You never really know what to expect!Simple things are always possible, but if you have something special, then you have to hope and pray.Sometimes I have the feeling that they don't know exactly what to do.You can generally also send an email but I hadn't gotten an answer a few times, so support can be really annoying!


Stability (3.5/5 stars)


The platform is usually very stable. But it happens from time to time that the connection is interrupted. Of course, this can have several causes: lost internet connection, courses, broker or TN. Depending on the type of interruption, the strategies may no longer be active. With Interactive Brokers, you may even have to exit the platform and reactivate everything. This can be extremely frustrating. Especially if you are not at home and the position is no longer protected by stop loss or is not closed. The issue of stability is ubiquitous on all platforms and I don't think there is one where there aren't stability issues. Therefore there are too many critical components. TN is usually one of the most stable. This was also a decisive purchase criterion. Anyone who acts automatically is aware of the problem and will probably not act automatically for days without supervision. I now check several times a day if everything is ok. If I'm not at home, I can still access my PC using the remote function.


The guys from Genesis are constantly working on the problems and update regularly.


Price (2.5/5 stars)


The price is quite steep with a one-time fee of $1495 for the platinum version. But there are always decent discounts for special occasions or events. You also have to pay for Genesis historical courses. Depending on the type of package, this can again be over $1000. But then you don't have any real-time courses. The prices vary and depend on the respective exchange. The price before it can start trading is very high. There are certainly cheaper variants on the market. High costs are incurred every year, which first have to be recovered through trading. But what you get for the money is excellent.




Although the software is quite expensive to purchase and maintain, I wouldn't trade it for anything I know of. I found exactly what I need for trading. Since no platform is perfect, everyone has to decide for themselves what is important. The simple programming of strategies is worth its weight in gold for me. Over the past few years, I've tested and evaluated over a few hundred strategies. Everything is quick and easy. I often prepare a "template" and test it with different commodities or indices.


PS: I hope this little summary could help you a little with your decision. Test different platforms and inform yourself well before you buy something! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write to me.