Automated Trading: Pros and Cons


  1. Saving of time! You don't need to sit hours and hours in front of your screen, watching charts and waiting for the next probable trade. Your trading software will do it for you. You can use that time for something more important. 
  2. Trading without too much time! Automated trading gives you the chance to trade even if you have no time. You will not miss a trade. Even as a full-time worker, you can do all the trades you want to. You switch on your trading software and everything will be done (hopefully) by the software.
  3. Direct execution of your trades! If you trade different systems and you enter/exit the market at the same time, how will you do that manually? Trading 2 systems manually at almost the same time can already be very stressful! But the software has no problem with that! Direct execution of multiple orders!
  4. No emotional decisions anymore! If you use a trading software with trading systems, you can leave emotions on the side. At least no emotions will influence your trading.
  5. No interventions anymore (or almost)! As I started trading I was not always capable of holding the position to the end. I was intervening when I felt to do so. With the automated trading, everything became better. It was not perfect, but much better. Now I can say that I'm able to trade my trading systems normally without any interventions.


  1. Price! You need the right equipment (computer, stable trading software, fast internet connection, good data provider, broker)! Unfortunatley this is everything but not cheap.
  2. Reliability! There are many different components of your equipment that can cause trouble during a session. As all of your equipment interacts, one weak component can affect already the whole system. There's no perfect equipment but sometimes it's better to pay a bit more for something more reliable! From time to time you need to check all your connections. It happens already a few times that I lost connection to the internet and then the trading software is not reconnecting back to your automated trading system. If your in the market you are not protected anymore and of course the trading software will not close any position. I had to keep some positions overnight just because I lost connection!