I offer an exclusive 1-1 Coaching for systematic traders and specially for those who want to become algotraders. This offer contains all you need to know about algo trading. In 10 1-1  sessions you will learn step by step my approach to trading. Here are the big topics of the coaching:


1. Automated Trading: Basics

2. Backtesting (Part 1)

3. The approach

4. Backtesting (part 2)

5. Systematic Trading: Advanced

6. Risk and Money Management


8. Live trading


Within the coaching I present a very interesting approach. With this, several markets can be traded (YM, NQ, ES, ZS, ZM, HE). Maybe there are even more markets. But I only trade approach in ES, ZS, ZM, and HE. The approach works long as well as short! In some markets, one side may work better than the other. I show how I get from the idea to a finished strategy. This means you can see all the steps and can therefore understand everything better.


If you have any questions about the content or price, just let me know.